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Chip Card Reader

Chip Card Reader

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Details & Specifications

Home Desc:
The PayPal Chip Card Reader is an easy, quick, and secure way to process chip cards, contactless payments like Apple Pay® or magnetic-stripe card payments wherever you need to get paid.
Payment types:
Swipe, Chip, Contactless Icons
Home Connects Line:
Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to the PayPal Here app on your compatible smartphone or tablet.
Compatible with most iOS® and Android mobile phones and tablets.
Home Accept Image:
Home Accept Text:
Magnetic stripe, chip card, contactless like Apple Pay.
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Works with:
Most Android and iOS® smartphones and tablets.
Connects via:
chip card reader dimensions
9.45 ounces
Connection Type:
Payment Types clone:
Accepts EMV chip cards, contactless/NFC-enabled mobile phone payments like Apple Pay®, and traditional magnetic-stripe credit and debit cards.
Payment Types Image:
Home bullet-ideal for:
Ideal for getting paid on-the-go or in a storefront or office.
P2PE Information:
To learn more about how to use this product in accordance with P2PE specifications, click here.
Payment supported: Chip, Contactless, and Magnetic-Stripe

The PayPal Chip Card Reader and our PayPal Here point-of-sale app turn your compatible phone or tablet into a hand-held point-of-sale system. Accept chip or magnetic-stripe cards and contactless payments like Apple Pay® and Google Pay™, send invoices from the app or online, and even record cash and check transactions.

Give your customers more ways to pay and help reduce your liability for fraud with our Chip Card reader and our PayPal Here app.

Package includes: PayPal Chip Card Reader, point-of-sale sticker, and micro USB cable for charging

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